Thursday, June 16, 2011

Write once, run everywhere - Java and now AIR for mobile

June 4
Installed the SDK and copied the runtimes from the SDK folder to the phone
Legend is not present in the AIR runtimes list at
I think that there are specific runtimes for Froyo. Might have to download something like Runtime_Device_Froyo_20100517.apk

June 6
Need to figure out how to run the swf file directly. Also, how do we get the html wrapper in FB 4.5
Finally there seems to be many App Installers available in the Android market. Which one do I use.

June 7
Decided to try out AIR 2.5 to check if it would install. Difficulty finding out the AIR archives for download. Got it finally -
Even the 2.5 SDK had a runtimes folder. I am not sure how different forums seems to have Runtime_Device_Froyo_...

June 12
It looks like you need shockwave player to run swf and I though I already knew that

June 13
Tried out to upload and view the file but still to no avail. Pretty smart app though.

June 16
HTC Legend continues to be a problem. I am unable to install from
and I see a review comment that some else is also unable to.
Finally, issue is resolved AIR 2.6 requires
"HTC Legend has an ARM v6 processor" which is not supported.


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